Should you consider a Finance MBA?

Last updated: 16th September, 2014

degree qualificationChances are if you’re on this site that you’re pretty keen on all things finance. There are many students out there that are savvy with money and want to take it the step further. You may not do a degree in finance but there are still options available to you in the way of a Masters degree! It could be what you need to find the career of your dreams.

It’s well known that the finance industry can be extremely rewarding in terms of employee benefits most notably with the high salaries that finance graduates tend to receive.

Whether you’ve done a finance degree at undergraduate level or not you should really look into studying an MBA in finance if that’s the career path you want to take.

You may think that stepping straight out of uni into a finance job is a breeze and even if you don’t go in at a higher level you might think that the chances to move up the ladder will be there if you gain an entry level job. The fact of the matter is that the job market is more and more competitive these days and you need to make sure that you give yourself the best chance in relation to the competition.

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from the rest is to get a Masters degree in something relevant to the roles you’re after.

Employers these days look kindly upon those with Masters degrees as it shows that you have a passion for that subject/profession and that you’re already educated to a high level, meaning that they can save on training down the line. Further on in your career you might be going for that dream promotion up against your co-workers. It could be something as little as your masters degree qualification that sets you above the rest.

It’s also well known that a finance degree can reach beyond purely finance roles. Those with masters degrees on finance tend to go on to be extremely successful in the business world.

Beyond just your employment opportunities should be your thirst for learning and a passion for a subject. If you love all things finance a masters degree in the subject should definitely pique your interest. Depending on where you study, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from key players in the finance scene as well as take on board the latest research.

So why not look into whether a masters degree in finance is for you. You never know what you could be after once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree but this could be the perfect fit for you.

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