Mislaid summer plans? There’s always next year!

Last updated: 24th September, 2013

Holiday ReadingThe new university term has started, which is the biggest sign of all that summer is now over. If you feel like you’ve not done much with the past few months, it might make you wonder if you’re ever going to have a great student summer getaway, but all is not lost. It’s possible to do something next year, especially if you’re looking to celebrate your graduation.

To ensure that you make the most of next summer, here are three great ideas to get you going if you and your buddies on campus are stuck for ideas:

Go spiritual in Asia

Asia is a massive continent, and is hugely popular as a gap year destination. The reasons for that include the food, the nightlife, the peace and quiet and the chance to learn about different cultures and religions, an opportunity that rarely presents itself.

India, Thailand and Malaysia are probably the best countries to visit if you want to learn about Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam. If you book early, it’s possible to visit on the cheap, while food and accommodation aren’t too pricey either!

Go on a European road trip

This is probably the easiest thing to do, especially if you have a car big enough to fit you and your mates in (as well as all their packing)! Driving through the Alps, along the autobahns of Germany or through the big cities like Paris and Amsterdam can be a blast.

When driving through Europe, it’s important to learn the different driving laws of each country. Not doing so could mean that, unwittingly, you get caught out and receive a fine. This infographic from autoweb shows what you need to do in some parts of Europe.

Sampling US student life

If you want to celebrate the end of the year in style, seeing what student life is like across the Atlantic could make for the best summer ever. Drinking in Vegas or perhaps some of the most famous bars in the entire USA might be a good idea.

As with any other trip abroad, there’s always something to remember. Here, you should know that the legal drinking age is 21, so it’s only really advisable if you’re in the final year of your studies (or if you’re a mature student).

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