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Last updated: 30th August, 2012

Barclays Student AccountThe Barclays account is near the bottom of our best student bank accounts review. Not forgetting the scandals that they have been caught up in in 2012.

Although having an ethical bank is not a top priority, it is something that you should definitely keep in mind.


The student account from Barclays only offers you an “up-to” amount which means that you are not guaranteed to get the total that is available to you. This can be hard for students as it’s nice to know where you stand.

The amounts you are allowed are shown below and although they are “up-to”, Barclays have been known to give the maximum to a high number of students in the past.

Year 1 – £2,000

Year 2 – £2,000

Year 3 – £2,000


Going over the limit

You can arrange an overdraft after your limit but this is only for very rare cases and is dealt with differently for each person. If you think that you are going to go over the limit then it is definitely advised that you go into your local branch and sort it out.

Arranged – Case by case (8.9%)

Un-arranged – £22 every 5 working days (+possible unpaid items charges)

Barclays student freebies

Barclays do not offer any freebies but you can get money off of insurance for possessions and travel (but it is only around 10%).

This is not the best of freebies so it’s best not to get drawn in by this.

Banking Features

With Barclays you get the usual perks that come with most accounts these days including online banking, telephone banking and a smart phone app. You can also get texts to alert you when you are going overdrawn etc.

You may have also seen that there are many things on offer to Barclays customers such as contactless payment and ping it. They have a lot of features and may release more in the future.

How to open a Barclays account

Barclays are one of the less strict banks when it comes to opening a student account but you will need to pass a credit test. We recommend you check yours with a free trial here.

You should also:

  • Have a confirmed place at university
  • Pay all of your student loans into the account
  • Be a UK resident

You can apply for a Barclays student Account here.

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