Hello and welcome to the Student Bank Accounts website.

This site is your guide to finding the best student bank account for you as you prepare to head off to university.

We provide unbiased information and resources on the top British student bank accounts available for you to compare yourself. Once you become a full or part time student at university you will need to have a student bank account. This is an important step in being able to manage your finances properly.

International students will need to speak to the respective banks to open an account. This is a pretty easy process.

When I first became a student at the University of Manchester I found it hard to manage my finances properly. It was such a busy and exciting time in my life and it’s easy to find yourself going out every night of the week spending lots of money – especially when the student loan payment arrives!

It is a fact for most students that once you go to university you need to live within a certain budget and therefore plan how you are going to spend your money very carefully.

But don’t worry this doesn’t mean you can’t spend any money and have to stop having fun – after all being a student is one of the times in your life where you can be care free – it’s just a question of making the most of the money you have and part of that can be having the best or just the right student bank account. Students are very popular with banks as most people stick with just one bank their whole life. There’s a whole load of incentives, from interest free overdrafts to other rewards such as free rail cards. We break down the best student bank accounts every year, and you can find the top current accounts for 2012-2013 on the pages of this website.

Overall, I have made this guide to student bank accounts in order to save you time and money. I learnt a lot about student finance and student bank accounts in particular and feel that there is a need to pass it on.

I hope that it can help you to make the right decision and enjoy your time at University.

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Hello! This website has been written by student money experts Save the Student! to give you an overview of student bank accounts and what they have to offer you.

The studentsWe review the benefits and catches of all student accounts so you can make an informed choice and avoid the traps!

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